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Tai Ceredigion – Tenant Participation

Do you want to meet new people, learn new skills and help Tai Ceredigion to improve the service it provides to you?

If so, these are some of the ways you can get involved:

Become a Tenant Board Member

Tai Ceredigion have a Board of management who have overall responsibility for policy development and the management of the Association. There are tenants, county councillors and independent people on the Board and any tenant who is interested could have a chat with our Director of Corporate Services, to find exactly what is involved.

Join Tai Ceredigion Monitoring Group

Tai Ceredigion Monitoring Group represents tenant of Tai Ceredigion and was initially set up to ensure that the planned renovations and promises made in the offer document were fulfilled.

Members are tenants from across the county and they meet in Aberaeron on the last Friday of every month (except for August and December). They discuss any issues and concerns that have been raised and feedback any information they have been given following their monthly meetings with either Tai Ceredigion’s Executive Team or members of Tai Ceredigion Operational management Team.

Members also:

  • review Welsh Government and Tai Ceredigion policies and attend consultations
  • carry out estate inspections and visit empty properties prior to re-let, ensuring they reach the re-let standard
  • phone tenants to conduct surveys about repairs and the Medra handyperson service
  • attend meetings with tenants and officers from other housing associations
  • decide the topics for the Tenant Liaison Forums and annual Tenant Conference
  • attend business planning and self-assessment days with Board members and senior managers
  • attend Board meeting to ensure tenants views are heard at the highest level
  • receive training, when appropriate

 Attend Tenant Liaison Forum meetings and or the Tenant Conference

These Forums meetings are open to all Tai Ceredigion tenants and are held twice a year, at different locations across the county. Any Tai Ceredigion tenant can ask for a topic to be discussed at this meeting. Tai Ceredigion Monitoring Group also present their annual report at the February meeting.

The Tenant Conference is again open to all Tai Ceredigion tenants, there are a range of speakers there as well as stand holders from agencies who help and support our tenants, such as The Care Society and CAB.

Go to a Sheltered Forum meeting

These meetings are held the second Friday every other month and any tenant who comes under the responsibility of a scheme co-ordinator is welcome to attend. This is a chance for tenants from other scheme to get together socially, learn new things and discuss any issues they may have in relation to the sheltered scheme service.

Fill in surveys and questionnaires

Tai Ceredigion sends out satisfaction forms following any work that is carried out and will carry out surveys regarding other issues, from time to time. It is important that we get feedback on the service we provide in order to ensure things improve, so sending these back to us really helps.

We also carry out a special (STAR) survey, every 3 years and as well as you telling us how you think we are performing it also helps us to set your priorities, when Tai Ceredigion is planning ahead.

Join a Tenants and Residents Association or Social Club

These can be set up on an estate or in a sheltered scheme. Tenants are encourage to get together socially, they may address any issue that they have but also arrange events and activities for their members. Many groups also hold fund raising events for local and national charities.

Become a shareholder

Any Tai Ceredigion tenant can become a shareholder, subject to approval by the Board of Management. There is a nominal fee of £1.00 and membership entitles the tenant to vote at Tai Ceredigion`s Annual General meeting (AGM) or Special AGM.

Attend focus or special interest groups meetings

These are set up, as and when required, so Tai Ceredigion can discuss a specific topic, issue or policy with tenants.

Follow us on social media

If you follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you can let us know how you think we are performing but also learn information about Tai Ceredigion, other agencies who we work with and events that are going on.

With any of these options Tai Ceredigion can offer support and help, as well as training, if needed. If you want to attend a meeting we can provide free transport, help with travel, carers or child care costs.

If you are interested and would like to find out more please let us know by:


Phoning: 0345 6067654

Or you can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.